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Introducing a Higher Standard of Right Party Contact

We Make Contact

Land Home Financial Services' Special Servicing Division is an industry leader in borrower outreach, making quality right party contact with delinquent borrowers for many years. We take a proactive, borrower-friendly approach when making contact with your clients. All of our associates are FDCPA compliant and have experience in the mortgage industry.

Land Home has found that agents with industry experience better facilitate borrower education surrounding their options which leads to a more timely resolution and disposition of a delinquent mortgage.

People Helping People

Our associates work under the premise of “people helping people.” Land Home's associates present an empathetic view toward the borrower's individual situation and, most importantly, they listen.

They foster a relationship with the borrower while still driving toward the goal of a resolution to the delinquency. This high-quality, borrower-friendly approach protects your brand while still achieving the desired results.

To Serve and Progress

LandHome Financial Services is licensed as a debt collector in all states where required, and is registered to conduct business in the remaining states. LandHome also complies with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and other current regulations.

Land Home Special Servicing maintains a firm commitment to initiating and furthering positive change within the industry and upholds a mission of providing both businesses and consumers with the tools and information they need to achieve their goals in the fastest, most efficient manner.

Outreach Services

Outreach Marketing Campaigns

Customized outreach campaigns with a wide range of proactive borrower options.

Multi-lingual Outreach Campaigns

Campaigns can be customized for multi-lingual borrowers to improve communication.

Skip Tracing

Precise and cost-efficient skip tracing to locate difficult-to-find borrowers.

Live "Warm" Transfer

Once contact is made, borrowers are personally transferred to the client.

Inbound Call Solutions

Providing client info to borrower (payment address, methods, account info, website, product info).


Sharing options that produce positive results for both borrower and client.

Document Retrieval

Assistance with financial statement review and financial package items, as needed.

Trial Payment Monitoring

Follow up reminder calls made to borrowers for payments that are due and past due.

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