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Speed to Liquidity Performance

Non-Performing Loans

Speed to Liquidity

Experience. Efficiency. Excellence.

Land Home Special Servicing provides a sophisticated approach to identifying and dissolving Non-Performing Loan (NPL) assets within larger loan pools.

As the market shifts into liquidating assets, these NPL pools are being disbursed across the industry and will settle into different ownership structures. We provide the expertise to execute on a liquidation strategy that aligns with the overall ROI or margin targets of their Clients.

NPL Services

Pool Analytics

Providing analysis on pools and portfolios for the highest returns possible.

Location Resolution

Quickly facilitating the borrower's dignified exit strategy from the property.

Lending Services

Providing conventional, government, and alternative lending through our lending arm or other providers.

Document Retrieval Services

Assistance with financial statement review and financial package items, as needed.

Underwriting Services

Our staff underwriters have completed thousands of modifications for some of the nation's largest servicers.

Audit Services

Reviewing documents and support materials to ensure compliance compliance.

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