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Field Services

Knock, Knock. We're There.

Out in the Field

Locating deliquent borrowers requires strategic skills. Land Home Special Servicing provides a full range of Field Services to help locate and contact even the most hard-to-reach borrowers. Field Service tactics are critical to executing on the client's overall goal to facilitate the loss mitigation process.

One of the most effective ways to locate a borrower is to knock on their door, whether it is at the property address or a mailing address that our skip trace team was able to locate. Field visits are an effective component of increasing Right Party Contact rates. At Land Home Special Servicing, we understand that sometimes it takes leaving our desks and stepping out in the field to achieve great results.

Field Services

Borrower Contact

Including letter / package drop-off and document retrieval with signature obtained "in person".

Property Inspection

Complete evaluation of property and detailed description including photos.

Code Compliance Corrections

Providing repair services, including emergency repair, to ensure code compliance.

Live "Warm" Transfer

Once contact is made, borrowers are personally transferred to the client.

Mobile Notary Services

Scheduled appointments at home or work or other desired locations.

Property / Asset Protection of All Types

Surveillance and monitoring solutions to ensure properties are kept safe from damage and harm.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO) / Property Valuation

Confirmation of BPO value and property information, and broker sign off for quality photo documentation.

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